"Genista Pawtraits" is where you can find samples of my work which I mainly do for pleasure, family and friends. However, I have recently started taking commissions for Pastel Pet Portraits. I aim to create exquisite pastel pet portraits from your photographs that bring out the spirit, character and personality of your beloved and cherished other family member, with their unique personalites, cheeky grins, they make us laugh and smile and love us unconditionally. What would we do without them?

I am a pet owner and animal lover myself, and I understand how much pleasure and comfort an original pastel portrait can bring, either by celebrating an adored pet or remembering one we have sadly lost.

A commissioned pet portrait or gift voucher makes a unique birthday, Christmas, wedding or anniversary gift that will be treasured forever by the recipient.

I hand paint each portrait using photographs as a guide. I am not trying to make the painting look like the photograph but hopefully to enhance it to bring out your pets personality and character as a painting. Several photographs can be used to get the required pose and changes can be made to remove e.g. a hand, collar, "red eye" etc. It is important to use as clear a photograph as possible as a guide as the quality of the photograph will directly influence the detail of the painting.

I love to paint/draw, it is my refuge at times and a celebration at other times. I paint/draw in many styles/mediums as you will see over the coming months. Please take a look at all my pages on this blog.

For Available Artwork please take a look at my pages and/or my Website. Visit my "Prices/Sizes" page and"How To Commission A Portrait" for information.

Please leave a comment if you have time or maybe even become a follower, you are more than Welcome......

Hillary Rose - "Genista Pawtraits"

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Pet Portrait Artist - Hillary Rose
My Gallery of Non Commissioned Pet Portraits/Animal Portraits and Other Works

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As I produce work for my own enjoyment and occasionally for exhibiting I sometimes have pieces that I can sell through my website created using pastels, watercolour, graphite pencil, colour pencil or oils. The pieces listed below are available to buy, unless already "SOLD". Please see the details for whether they are framed/matted or unframed.
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Original Artwork for Sale

"TIMAZINTI"  Sheltie
Original Pencil Portrait. Framed
12" x 16"

"MAX" French Bulldog
Original Pencil Portrait. Framed
A4 Size

"APOLLO" God Of Music
Original Pencil Portrait
A4 Size